Schoolspiration, be inspired


I came up with the word “Schoolspiration” for a newsletter idea at work. I was surprised when I put the word in google that it did not exist, so I decided to title my newsletter “Schoolspiration”.

Working in a high school as a school teacher at the time, and trying to decide what my newsletter should be about, I decided I wanted it to be short, informative and inspirational.  Although the word “School” is in the title, it is not only for those in the field of Education; it is also for those interested educating themselves on varying topics.

The concept of Schoolspiration came about my fifth year of teaching after I was placed on the “School Climate Correlate”. The Correlate utilized surveys and brief interviews of faculty/staff to continually monitor employee morale. The information gathered allowed the Correlate to get an overall feel of the emotional climate within our school. My personal task on the Correlate was to write a monthly newsletter in which I included short inspirational stories, quotes and wellness tips.

Considering the busyness of school personnel, I aimed to keep the newsletter short. The following year I relocated to another school district, and several colleagues from my old school contacted me suggesting I publish what I had written. I did, and you can find it on but in the spirit of continuation I also decided to create a blog so that I can share Schoolspiration with more people!


Have a peep at my Schoolspiration Book!
It is FREE if you have a Kindle and $2.99 in other tablets:

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