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Dear Teachers, A word of advice concerning “EOG/EOC Review”…

Dear Teachers,

Lately I have been noticing while observing review groups, that many teachers are giving students a huge packet of questions “two weeks or less” before the final state exams, and are expecting them to answer the questions AND retain information.

I do not believe this is the best practice because it is a good example of the adage “So much to do, so little time.”  So help me, help you!



SOOoooo a little suggestion on what I have done in the past is give my students the questions AND the CORRECT answers upfront, (correct being the operative word). This ensures the proper information is being studied. Next, have them underline the key terms within the questions and answers; then have them DEFiNE the key term. This strategy will be more effective if completed after each Unit throughout the semester because it will allow students to build their study guides as they go along!

Just think of how much time is wasted when a student sits conjuring up “answers” off the top of their heads for a study guide, and not knowing whether or not the answers are right. What a travesty! 


Every time I see this, it makes me S-A-D.


Please consider trying this strategy next year, the worst case scenario is, it may work! 

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