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Parent Tips for Testing Time

Good day Mates!

Please join me as I sing, “It’s the MOST wonderful Tiiime of the year!” Just joshing, anyone who knows me, know my obsession with the Christmas Season, so I thought I would add a little humor to a humorless time by singing a Christmas tune.

So, back to what I was talking about, TESTiNg TiMe! This is my first year being outside of the classroom and I must say, it is way MORE work but I have enjoyed the experience. I wanted to share some tips for parents that may help during this trying time.

Tip #1 STAY CALM. Testing is a natural part of a parents’ life and is easier to experience when you are relaxed.

Tip #2 Preparation is key. Starting the beginning of the year, make up in your mind that your child needs to keep astudy guide notebook. This notebook needs to consist of the key terms and essential questions from each unit. This is VERY IMPORTANT because some classes simply do not give study guide or they wait until the end of the year to provide a huge packet. If your student is already keeping up with their own Handy Dandy Study Guide Notebook, they can study comfortably throughout the year without trying to cram at the end. 



Tip #3 SLEEP. Do not wait until “testing time” to ensure your child has adequate sleep. Studies have shown that children who get back 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night perform better in school overall, so why wait until testing time to establish a bed time?            START RIGHT NOW! Sure, your child will be disagreeable at first BUT after the first few days of them finally falling asleep and waking up refreshed; they will thank you!



Tip #4 Communication with the Teacher. Stay in the loop of what your child is learning in the classroom. Take a look at their assignments, read over newsletters and when in doubt, set up a parent/teacher conference to ask questions. Teachers are their to help, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. I have seen children fail a class only to find out the parent was never available to communicate about the grade beforehand. So don’t be a stranger, educators need you to ensure Student Success!


Tip #5 CHECK POWERSCHOOL OFTEN. If you want daily insight of your child’s grades on assignments, test or classroom behaviors, set up your PowerSchool account and USE IT! Through PowerSchool you will be able to know if your child completed their assignments and the grades they’ve earned. You no longer have to wait on a report card or progress report. So be proactive, upload the APP and get started.

Happy Testing Parents and remember, we CANNOT do it without YOU.


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