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15 Summer Activities for Students

Happy Summer Everyone!

Two weeks ago, I shared some summer activities at a District PTA meeting and wanted to list them here. If you have other ideas to share, leave them in the comment box  🙂

1. Summer Reading Clubs (Local libraries)

2. Summer Activity Books (15 minutes a day)

3. Tutoring in weak subject areas.

4. Educational Games (Quality)

5. Read a play aloud (This could be a great family activity)

6. Go to local museums and have child prepare a short presentation of things they have learned. (Should have a notebook while at the museum)

7. Start a family or neighborhood book club. Choose a book and talk about it. (Promotes reading comprehension)

8. Check out summer classes at Cape Fear Botanical Garden and other nonprofit organizations.

9. Conduct an interview. Child could come up with questions and conduct an interview of grandparents, parents, guardian, aunts, and/or uncles. (Find out what they were like from child to adulthood)

10. Take up reenacting. (Child could choose an historical event or figure and come up with a way to recite or reenact a part of their story)

11. Have child take up an Art, Cooking Gardening or Photography Lesson. (Never know when a hobby could turn into a profession)

12. Have your child design their own bedroom, within reason of course.

13. Sign up for activities at the nearest Parks and Recreational Center or Library. (Low cost or FREE)

14. Create a game. (Digital or Board) This would promote a high level of critical thinking and problem solving skills.

15. Head to the beach, take pictures and create a memory book. Relax, roast marshmallows and enjoy the waves. *Do not forget the sunscreen*

Summer Learning:

Reading Rockets:

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