golden nuggets of advice

Golden Nuggets Continued

If you are just reading this for the first time, you may want to refer to my previous post title “The Golden Nuggets” in order to understand but in a nutshell; Friday evening I attended a Youth Leaders’ Meeting  at our Youth Pastor’s home and he had this couple from a Global Organization called “Youth With A Mission” speak to us and I wanted to share some of the conversation in which I call “Golden Nuggets”.


Golden Nugget #4 Obedience (to listen) vs Compliance (to do)

The Global Leader mentioned the difference between being obedient and compliant. It is important that when we are doing something; that we evaluate our motives, intentions and heart to see if we are doing it for the right reasons. The Global Leader’s premise was that as a youth leader, we need to share with the kids we work with that when they choose to give their life to Christ, a genuine change will occur inwardly, and manifest itself outwardly for all to see. We all know a genuine person when we see one. He also went on to say that when observing a crowd at church, everyone may behave similarly, but once they all leave and go back to their daily routine, the similarities stop.                      For example, let’s say there are two teenagers, and a list of things are given to them to complete. Teenager #1 completes the task without grumbling and complaining, and a teenager #2 completes the task with a bad attitude. They both completed the task, so what was the difference? The difference is that when God looks on us doing different task for Him and others, He looks beyond the outside and observes the condition of the heart. when completing the task. One was obedient while the other one was compliant. Both behaviors looked the same on the outside and both will also yield different fruit in the long run. So the condition of your heart MATTERS to God when we are doing things for Him and others.


Golden Nugget #5 Value-driven not Role-driven

The Global Leader also discussed how many people are seeking for a role or title, but if valued integrity is established in our work ethic, titles will follow. He also said a real leader has followers, a leader without followers, is not truly leading.


Gold Nugget #6 REST

The Global Leader said we have to know when to retreat. Jesus always retreated to pray and commune with His father and we can learn from that. Whenever exhaustion strikes, listen to the body and take time to refuel. Do not be afraid to say the word “no” when asked to serve. A rested person is an effective person. We. need. rest.


I just wanted to share the rest of the little Golden Nuggets with you all,

Happy Sunday!

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