Stay away from unfermented Soy

Soy Peanut Butter in the School Cafeteria?! Yikes!

It is Story Time!

story time

I will not be before you long, but felt I had to share some recent information that was brought to my attention by an Elementary Teacher yesterday. The teacher and I were having a conversation about school lunches, and she mentioned that she hoped she would be able to eat real peanut butter and jelly sandwiches next year. I asked her why and she said because after having a student that was allergic to peanut butter, she had to eat a peanut butter substitute and was growing tired of it. I asked if she was referring to Almond or Cashew Butter? She answered no and went on to explain that she used Wow Butter, because that was the same “faux peanut butter” they served in school for the students. I told her I had never heard of “Wow Butter” and asked what was the main ingredient? She said something I never would have imagined she would say in a million years. It was made from….. SOY! *Gasp*


Soy?! I asked. Like The Soy that several studies has been discussing recently on the negative affects it has on men, women, boys and girls who consume it? I was flabbergasted and said, “GET OUT of here!”


She laughed and said yes. I could not believe my ears. Now let me preface this by saying I am aware of three types of Soy that the human body can comfortably digest (unless of course there is a personal allergy involved) and it is Miso, Natto and Tempeh. These are referred to as “Fermented Soy.” The “Other Soy” is the villain.


Unfermented Soy, this one is used in Soy Milk, Wow Butter, Tofu, Veggie Meat Substitutes, and sometime in Vegan Cheese and Butter. Due to more research coming out about the dangers of unfermented soy, there are more Vegan Cheeses and Butters on the market that are Soy-Free. So when you are reading an article and it mentions soy as a favorable food, it may be discussing the fermented soy choices, but there are some people who are unaware of the differences. That is why it is important to do your own research. 

soy danger

Now, back to my story, I honestly could not believe the school system has been given the authority to sell Soy to students in such abundance. There is so much research available proving how dangerous Soy is in large quantities, in cases like this, parents/guardians must take charge of their child/students’ health and start packing their lunch.


Three Links that contain some Healthy Lunch Ideas

Hummus and Veggie Sandwich Plus 10 Healthy Lunch Packing Ideas

In conclusion, I am a person who researches different nutrition topics for fun, (I know I know “Nerd Alert”)


Sorry, I digress – and I have listened to a countless number of lectures lead by doctors, have read and continue to read current research as it emerges on whole food plant based diet, healthy and unhealthy foods and good nutritional choices, so I am a tad bit bias when it comes to this topic.

I encourage you to do your own research, look at those who are “For” Soy as well as those who are “Against” Soy and draw your own conclusions!


I just felt it was necessary for me to mention my conversation with the teacher so that I could raise awareness about what is being served in the school cafeteria. I do not think soy peanut butter along with other soy substitutes should be given to adults, yet alone developing children because both of these individuals are usually unaware of the possible consequences of soy consumption.


A few Links if you would like to read more about Soy

Health Dangers of Eating Soy

Stay informed and Soy You Later!


Life is too precious to remain stuck in an unpleasant story, so go ahead and close that story book and began a new one. ~Kamina Fitzgerald
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