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Question for Transgenders on “Being the Future” without Procreation, what is the plan?

I have a former student that has made a decision after a couple of years of dressing like a female, to have the full surgery to become a female. I asked him if he was sure because once he had it done, it would be hard to transition back. After talking with his boyfriend and friends, he decided he was sure.

Currently, there is a Senior in High School who made a statement that puzzled some people on Social Media and the local News Paper, so I wanted to put it on here. The student is a male in a high school located in North Carolina, who now identifies as a female, and is running for Homecoming Queen. He received some backlash on Social Media, and his response was essentially, “get over it because Transgenders are the future.”

The question of the hour for Transgenders are, “If you are the future, what is the plan to continue in that direction without procreation?”

This question is on many peoples’ hearts, what do you think?

Feel free to leave cordial comments below, ciao!

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