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Two Sets of Joneses

Seventeen years ago….

I was in college on my way back with friends from performing. We were in the “singing assemble group” for our college that consisted of 6 girls and 12 guys. We went around singing to churches and organizations that donated money to our university.

Anyhoot, I was in the car and this music group came on the radio. I was immediately transported back in time to the 1960s, as the sound of a guitar blared and the lead singer’s voice droned on, it actually made me feel like I was at Wood Stock. *chuckle*

Well, minus the “not so good” parts of Wood Stock. Sorry, I digressed from the main point.

As I listened to the words of the song, it really had a deep impact on me. After the song ended, I asked my friends the title of the song. They replied, “Two Sets of Joneses.” So I decided to share the story with you all but if you choose to skip it, I have attached the video below for your viewing pleasure.



The story begins with the two couples named, Rothchild and Evelyn Jones, and Reuben and Sue Jones.


(Sorry, this was the best generalized image I could find of two couples, just use your imagination!)

Now, back to the story

Evelyn had a lot of money and Rothchild Jones was so excited because after he married her, she bought them a house on the beach.


Reuben and Sue Jones did not have earthly wealth but they were followers of Jesus and felt that having Him was plenty because they trusted in Him to provide for them.


The hook of the song described “hard times” as rain coming down and blowing the four walls down, and when the clouds rolled away; only one set of Joneses would be standing. So, essentially whenever hard times came, only one couple would be able to handle it.


As time passed, eventually Evelyn Jones and Sue Jones were pregnant.

In Evelyn’s case, Rothchild worked late hours so that he could remain on top of the business, and her father was very proud and happy to have such a son-in-law. Rothchild worked so hard, that while Evelyn was having their first child, he was on an airplane flying to Dallas on business.


In Sue’s case, when she was having their first child, the entire hospital heard Reuben exclaim, “It’s a boy!” He was right by her side and even stayed home with Sue to help her take care of the baby for a few days. While he was out of work, some of his co-workers took up a collection for Reuben and it ended up being enough for the bills that month.

Tithe and Offering

Needless to say, Evelyn Jones ended up leaving Rothchild and sued him for everything he had.

Back view of female wearing hat holding child. Carrying suitcase

The moral of the story: Is your life built on the Rock of Christ Jesus or Sandy foundations that YOU have managed to lay?

build your house on the rock coloring page Beautiful Building Archives Page 3 of 16 Kids Coloring Page Gallery

Why is this important? Because when the rain comes down, and blows the four walls down, when the clouds roll away, will you be still standing or blown away?

Build Your House On The Rock Coloring Page 24

Just a thought. The video is below, enjoy 🙂


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golden nuggets of advice

Golden Nuggets Continued

If you are just reading this for the first time, you may want to refer to my previous post title “The Golden Nuggets” in order to understand but in a nutshell; Friday evening I attended a Youth Leaders’ Meeting  at our Youth Pastor’s home and he had this couple from a Global Organization called “Youth With A Mission” speak to us and I wanted to share some of the conversation in which I call “Golden Nuggets”.


Golden Nugget #4 Obedience (to listen) vs Compliance (to do)

The Global Leader mentioned the difference between being obedient and compliant. It is important that when we are doing something; that we evaluate our motives, intentions and heart to see if we are doing it for the right reasons. The Global Leader’s premise was that as a youth leader, we need to share with the kids we work with that when they choose to give their life to Christ, a genuine change will occur inwardly, and manifest itself outwardly for all to see. We all know a genuine person when we see one. He also went on to say that when observing a crowd at church, everyone may behave similarly, but once they all leave and go back to their daily routine, the similarities stop.                      For example, let’s say there are two teenagers, and a list of things are given to them to complete. Teenager #1 completes the task without grumbling and complaining, and a teenager #2 completes the task with a bad attitude. They both completed the task, so what was the difference? The difference is that when God looks on us doing different task for Him and others, He looks beyond the outside and observes the condition of the heart. when completing the task. One was obedient while the other one was compliant. Both behaviors looked the same on the outside and both will also yield different fruit in the long run. So the condition of your heart MATTERS to God when we are doing things for Him and others.


Golden Nugget #5 Value-driven not Role-driven

The Global Leader also discussed how many people are seeking for a role or title, but if valued integrity is established in our work ethic, titles will follow. He also said a real leader has followers, a leader without followers, is not truly leading.


Gold Nugget #6 REST

The Global Leader said we have to know when to retreat. Jesus always retreated to pray and commune with His father and we can learn from that. Whenever exhaustion strikes, listen to the body and take time to refuel. Do not be afraid to say the word “no” when asked to serve. A rested person is an effective person. We. need. rest.


I just wanted to share the rest of the little Golden Nuggets with you all,

Happy Sunday!

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little nuggets of advice

The Golden Nuggets

Tonight I was filled with inspiring admiration for this couple who shared some words of wisdom. I attended a Youth Leaders Meeting at our Youth Pastor’s home and he’d invited two [YWAM] Global Missionaries, who have been married 40 years. They currently serve in an organization named Youth With A Mission and live in South Africa. They both shared so many Golden Nuggets that I wanted to share them with you all as well but due to the time, I will only share three and write about the remainder tomorrow.            The husband started out asking if any of us had any questions for he and his wife. One of the Youth Leaders started by asking what the couples did before they became missionaries?

Golden Nugget #1 – The Paradox

The husband shared that before they became missionaries, He was a pastor of a church. After pastoring for awhile, he and his wife began to feel lead in another direction. They prayed about it and after they left, they began to serve in Youth With A Mission Organization. They mentioned that one of the ways they knew it was time for them to move on was when people in the congregation started telling them how much they were needed and how they could not leave because they were “the glue” that held the church together. He said it was definitely time for them to leave if the church saw them as “the glue” instead of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit as being “The Glue”.

*This was interesting to me because a lot of times we want to stay were we feel needed and leave when we felt unwanted but he did the opposite. The Global leader and his wife decided it was time for them to leave, because their congregation’s focus was on them too much, instead of on God. What an interesting paradox.

Golden Nugget #2 – The Ruse

Another Youth Leader asked how does a person know when they are in or outside of “The Will of God”? The Global Leader responded by saying that he honestly felt that when a person is truly Walking In Christ, their steps are constantly being ordered by Him, even when they make mistakes. He went on to share examples of this by saying when his son was 17 years of age, his son informed him that he’d met the girl he was going to marry and that he was going to train and go into ministry so that he and the girl could become full time ministers. Not wanting to crush his son’s spirit, the Global Leader listened then told his son to continue praying about it. As time past, his son began to train in another state and became friends with a young lady who eventually became his wife. Some of his son’s friends and family asked whatever happened to the first girl he was “supposed” to marry? His son’s response was that he believed his initial “goal and preparation” of trying to marry that girl, set him on the path to meet the actual woman he was suppose to marry. The Global Leader called this “The ruse” because his son was almost tricked into thinking he was supposed to marry the first girl when in all actuality, she was “the ruse” to get him to his next level.

This is my addition to this Golden Nugget – Sometimes you may feel you have a Word from the Lord to do a certain thing, and He may very well want you to do it (AT THAT TIME) but continue to keep your ear turned to His Voice and your eyes in His Word, because He may change up your direction at the last millisecond and if you are not actively listening, you may miss an important step. For example, when Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac, what if he would have went through with it? What if he would not have heard God tell him not to sacrifice Isaac because He provided a ram in the bush? If he would not have been listening, Isaac would of had a tragic ending. So “the ruse” of telling Abraham to go sacrifice his son, allowed him to get to a certain point or place in God that would not have been reached otherwise, had “the ruse” been ignored. The Global Leader’s son would not have met and married girl #2, had he not first “thought” he was going to marry girl #1. Girl #1 was “the ruse” used to get him to his next step. What is your “ruse”?

Golden Nugget #3 – Source of Thoughts

Another Youth Leader asked how could he know whether certain thoughts were from God, the devil or himself, and the Global Leader said that being In Christ would allow all things to work together for good. (Romans 8:28) Even painful situations can draw us closer to God. So the Global Leader stated that when bad happened in his life now, he did not give the devil any credit. He also mentioned how important it was to take self-inventory and find out the source of all thoughts and questions. Sometimes thoughts can come from the wrong source and it’s our duty to search it out, so that we can take those thoughts into captivity and bring them into the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10: 3-5)

To be continued…

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