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Two Sets of Joneses

Seventeen years ago.... I was in college on my way back with friends from performing. We were in the "singing assemble group" for our college that consisted of 6 girls and 12 guys. We went around singing to churches and organizations that donated money to our university. Anyhoot, I was in the car and this… Continue reading Two Sets of Joneses

golden nuggets of advice

Golden Nuggets Continued

If you are just reading this for the first time, you may want to refer to my previous post title "The Golden Nuggets" in order to understand but in a nutshell; Friday evening I attended a Youth Leaders' Meeting ¬†at our Youth Pastor's home and he had this couple from a Global Organization called "Youth… Continue reading Golden Nuggets Continued

little nuggets of advice

The Golden Nuggets

Tonight I was filled with inspiring admiration for this couple who shared some words of wisdom. I attended a Youth Leaders Meeting at our Youth Pastor's home and he'd invited two [YWAM] Global Missionaries, who have been married 40 years. They currently serve in an organization named Youth With A Mission and live in South… Continue reading The Golden Nuggets