A foundation of trust is sturdy, while mistrust is like building a house on sand.

Building Trust as a Leader: There are Two Sides to Every Story

A house built on sand will not last. Mistrust = Sand

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No Teacher Left Behind: Shifting the Focus from Quality Teachers to Quality Teaching

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Are you in the Right Position?

I was listening to a lecture last night and the speaker was sharing a story of when he was the President of a University and was about to leave his position. The Academic Dean who worked for him, told him that he was interested in applying for his position and to please recommend him to… Continue reading Are you in the Right Position?

Dangers of Vaping

VAPE Education: Is Your Child Vaping?

Although Vaping is considered a recent trend, it definitely is not new. Vaping began in Ancient Egypt when they used hot stones to vape herbs, and later evolved into the first "shisha" when introduced in India. (Also known as Hookah) These practices led to the invention of vaping as we know it today. In 1927,… Continue reading VAPE Education: Is Your Child Vaping?