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The Paradox of Online Dating Apps: It is Meant to Keep you Single

I came across an interesting article the other day about how online dating apps were really meant to keep you in "Single Town" and I think the article may of been on to something. Nowadays ALL online dating sites are making the claim that they are here to help you meet your soulmate; but their promise of… Continue reading The Paradox of Online Dating Apps: It is Meant to Keep you Single

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Identify the Emotional Vampires in your Life

When you hear the word "vampire" the images that may come to mind is Barnabas Collins from "Dark Shadows" or Edward Cullen from "Twilight". But I have come to inform you that vampires are quite real, maybe not in the sense of these characters, but when it comes to certain individuals we have in our lives,… Continue reading Identify the Emotional Vampires in your Life

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SOS, Abandon the Flaky-Ship!

I randomly decided to look up what "SOS" stood for and was surprised to find that it did not stand for anything at all. It simply was chosen as a signal because it could be easily transmitted in Morse Code during distress. So that's what it is, a signal. Some of us right now are… Continue reading SOS, Abandon the Flaky-Ship!

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The Parable of the Tenants

I was reading a parable called "The Parable of the Tenants" and it really stood out to me so you know I had to share. The parable spoke about a landlord that planted a vineyard, put a fence around it, dug a wine press in it and built a watchtower. After everything was put in… Continue reading The Parable of the Tenants

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21-day Genuine Challenge Results

Good night everyone, this will be short and to the point. The 21-day Genuine Challenge was more difficult than I anticipated, especially when people were a bit cheeky. I have found that it takes making a "conscious decision" to be kind and genuine, it does not happen organically. It is easy to make sarcastic, negative… Continue reading 21-day Genuine Challenge Results

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15 Summer Activities for Students

Happy Summer Everyone! Two weeks ago, I shared some summer activities at a District PTA meeting and wanted to list them here. If you have other ideas to share, leave them in the comment box  🙂 1. Summer Reading Clubs (Local libraries) 2. Summer Activity Books (15 minutes a day) 3. Tutoring in weak subject… Continue reading 15 Summer Activities for Students

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Dear Teachers, A word of advice concerning “EOG/EOC Review”…

Dear Teachers, Lately I have been noticing while observing review groups, that many teachers are giving students a huge packet of questions "two weeks or less" before the final state exams, and are expecting them to answer the questions AND retain information. I do not believe this is the best practice because it is a… Continue reading Dear Teachers, A word of advice concerning “EOG/EOC Review”…